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Bam Entertainment releases new information on this movie-inspired action game. First GameCube screens inside.


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Bam Entertainment has today released information regarding the gameplay and plot of its forthcoming action game Reign of Fire, which is based on the movie of the same name and scheduled for release on all current console platforms in November. Be warned that a number of the plot elements revealed today could definitely be considered spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet.

Although the game's story starts in Britain in the year 2025, the movie will actually detail a sequence of events around 25 years earlier that sees a young construction worker called Quinn Abercromby in London unwittingly awakening a dragon that has been hibernating for centuries. By the year 2025, the dragons have multiplied to such an extent that they have replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth.

Forced to live in near-medieval conditions by the constant dragon attacks, Abercromby becomes a resistance fighter in a small community in the English countryside. Assuming the role of Abercromby, players will have to defend the last remaining humans from dragon attacks, employing four well-equipped vehicles and 12 different weapons along the way. Eventually, players will also be required to hunt down and kill the sole surviving male dragon, thus condemning the species to extinction.

In a neat twist, players also have the option to play through the game's 16 missions as a dragon. Starting out as a fire-breathing infant, the player's main motivation will be to eradicate the human race. The dragon will mature as the game progresses, growing more and more powerful until it's eventually able to pick up human vehicles and livestock to use as weapons. The game will feature five different types of flying dragons, plus three that are only able to move on land.

Reign of Fire from Kuju Entertainment is scheduled for release in November. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the Xbox and Xbox versions of the game. A somewhat different version of Reign of Fire for the Xbox is also in development at Crawfish Interactive.

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