Reign of Fire announced for the Xbox

The Xbox will also receive a version of Bam Entertainment's action-adventure game.


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Following the recent announcement of Reign of Fire for the PlayStation 2, Bam Entertainment has revealed that it will also release the game for the Microsoft Xbox. The game, which is based on Spyglass Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios' upcoming feature film starring Matthew McConaughey and Christian Bale, is an action-adventure where players can assume the role of either a human dragon slayer or one of the dragons. Specific enhancements for the Xbox version will primarily be focused in the graphics department, as Bam promises that the Xbox game will feature advanced fire effects, detailed textures, and more realistic dynamic lighting. The game will also feature 3D positional sound, and its music will be reactive to the in-game action.

Reign of Fire, both the film and the game, follows the exploits of an ex-marine and a British castle dweller. In the near future, dragons, after being unwittingly awakened in a remote location of the London Underground, have returned to lay their claim to the world and dispose of all humans. Naturally, a bloody and devastating battle ensues between the rapidly multiplying dragon population and the human race. The two heroes take on the task of vanquishing every last dragon in order to survive and restore humanity's control over Earth.

Reign of Fire will be released on the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 in fall 2002.

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