Reelmaker highlights NBA 2K7

2K Sports offers feature to make highlight reels from saved replays for 360 baller; Reelmaker on Marketplace for 400 points.



Yes, Shaq making a free throw counts as a highlight.
Yes, Shaq making a free throw counts as a highlight.

Every basketball gamer has encountered this situation: A player's team makes a miraculous fourth-quarter comeback capped off by some prayer heaved from half-court as time expires. The cry "Holy s***! Did you see that?" goes answered, because, sadly, there was no one around to watch it.

2K Sports is letting Xbox 360 NBA 2K7 owners make sure that everyone sees their virtual NBA Championships, rim-rattling tomahawks, and ankle-snapping crossovers with Reelmaker.

The new add-on for the game lets players edit saved replays into SportsCenter-like highlight reels. The clips can be adjusted in several ways, such as altering the speed of the replay, adding special effects, and including sound bites from the commentators. Once the reel is finished, it can be posted on Xbox Live for other NBA 2K7 owners to see.

Reelmaker will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 points ($5) as soon as Xbox Live is no longer down for maintenance.

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