Reebok Celebrates Alien Day With New U.S.C.M.-Inspired Shoes

The new line of "Alien Stomper" shoes are inspired by Aliens' US Colonial Marines.


Alien Day will be here again on April 26, and that means we're in store for some new merch from the iconic franchise. Reebok started its Alien Stomper shoe line last year, releasing replica versions of the sneakers worn by Ellen Ripley in 1986's Aliens. This year it's debuting the Bug Stomper--not a replica, but a fitting homage to some of our favourite Aliens marines.

From afar they may just look like any old camouflage sneaker, but look closer and the design is filled with tiny homages to the Aliens cast of characters. The Weyland-Yutani logo replaces the standard Reebok Union Jack, the right heel features Hudson's "eyes on your back" graffiti, with the Bug Stomper's "We Endanger Species" tagline on the heel strap. Partially hidden in the sockliners are more logos from the film--the Weyland-Yutani Corp logo, and the marines' Death or Glory skull.

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Alien Day is on April 26, a reference to moon LV-426 where all the action of Aliens took place. More merch is being released around this year's Alien Day, including a number of new toys (already available from Walmart), art books, a new comic, and t-shirts from Reebok, but you can bet it's the sneakers that collectors will be clamoring over.

Reebok's new Alien range will be available for sale on its website on April 26.

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