RedOctane trying to settle Guitar Hero suits

Guitar Hero publisher and unlicensed peripheral maker Ant Commandos sit down at bargaining table after legal exchange.


In August, Guitar Hero publisher RedOctane and parent company Activision filed suit against The Ant Commandos, makers of an unlicensed line of peripherals for the hit rhythm game, alleging a number of trademark infringements. The Ant Commandos fired right back with a countersuit alleging that RedOctane swiped the official Guitar Hero peripheral's design from its parent company's "Magical Guitar" controller, released years earlier for Konami's Guitar Freaks line of games.

However, what had the potential to be an unruly mess on par with anything related to the Sex Pistols could be ending early with nary an amp smashed or a bass drum kicked in. According to a court filing last week, the judge in the case granted a request by both parties that their arguments in the case be delayed while they try to hammer out a compromise.

"The parties are currently negotiating a potential settlement of this matter and have a reasonable, good faith belief that settlement may be reached within the next seven to ten days," the companies wrote in their joint motion, filed on October 26.

A representative for Activision and RedOctane had not returned GameSpot's request for comment as of press time, but a rep with The Ant Commandos said there was no settlement at this time, and declined to comment further.

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I hope they settle something that allows me to use my Flying V wireless controller I bought from The Ant Commandos. I was extremely dissapointed when I found out that I could not use the controller with GH2.

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1) The X-plorer for the 360 IS wireless. 2) I'm hoping for an amicable resolution so RO can get back to what's important. I understand that they don't want a third party unfairly infringing on their own sales, but there's a fine line between "copying" and just making a controller of your own. I think the ACs' countersuit is stupid though.

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lets hope more gh!

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Let's all hope for the best... My contention is this: How exactly do you make a video game guitar peripheral that *doesn't* look like the Guitar Freaks controller? Maybe they're similar because that design is the best way to emulate the action of playing a guitar. It's a guitar shape and it's got colored frets - that's the device. I don't see what they could have changed to make it significantly different and still made the controller look and act like a guitar.

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Third party accessories should be allowed.

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In the early 80s, Atari sued Activision for making "unauthorized" games for the 2600. Why do I find Activision's actions hypocritical?

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Whoever makes a wireless 360 guitar first has my support.

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i like to only use licensed peripherals even if they are a bit more i feel that they last a bit longer and are made better than the "knockoffs" i will make an exception for logitech they seem to make a decent wireless controller for the current- gen consoles

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well i hope everything sorts out well....

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thank god their guitars are horrible

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