Redfall's Physical Edition For Xbox Includes A Disc, Bethesda Confirms After Confusion

The physical edition for PC, however, does not include a disc.


Bethesda has cleared up some confusion about the physical version of Redfall, confirming that the game will, in fact, come with a disc--at least on console.

A Bethesda Support page has been corrected to clarify that the physical version of Redfall for Xbox comes with a Blu-ray disc. The physical version of Redfall for PC, however, does not include a game disc (as is normal for PC releases these days).

Bethesda also clarified that players who buy the physical retail edition of Redfall who want the Bite Back upgrade can buy it digitally or by talking to their local retailer. The Bite Back upgrade ($30) comes with the Redfall Hero Pass, which includes two heroes that will be added to the game later. It also comes with weapon and character skins, among other items.

Redfall, which is developed by Arkane Austin, launches on May 2 for Xbox and PC. As with every first-party Microsoft title, Game Pass subscribers get it on launch day at no extra cost.

Arkane calls Redfall its "biggest, most ambitious" game that it has ever created, and it features co-op play for up to four players in an always-online environment. For more details, you can check out GameSpot's feature on everything that we know about Redfall.

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