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Redfall Story Trailer Hints At Corporate Parasites Being Responsible For Vampire Apocalypse

Bite club is officially in session.


Ahead of its release in May, a new story trailer for Redfall has gone live. Previous trailers have shared only a few details about the Vampire invasion that has rolled into town.

Scientists working on a "world-shattering" project at Aeveum headquarters might be partly to blame for the terror that has befallen Redfall, which has resulted in the sun being permanently eclipsed, people going missing, and the town being painted red. Literally.

"Delve into the dark history of the sinister company that created the monsters stalking the streets and face off against the terrifyingly powerful vampires that some survivors worship as gods," Bethesda's synopsis for Redfall reads.

Developed by Deathloop and Dishonored studio Arkane, Redfall lets you take control of one of four specialists who all wield unique skills in their fight against the undead hordes and their human minions. Jacob Boyer is a long-range expert who can turn invisible, Devinder Crousely uses various gadgets for crowd control, Remi De La Rosa is an ex-military engineer who has her own robot companion, and Lalyla Ellison mixes firepower with telekinetic talents.

Redfall will launch on May 2 for PC and Xbox Series X|S. For PC players, there'll be cross-play support between the console, Game Pass, Steam, and Epic Games Store versions, and Arkane has confirmed that you will need a persistent internet connection and a account to play solo. For more details, you can check out GameSpot's feature on everything that we know about Redfall.

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