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Redfall Passes 1-Year Anniversary, Promised DLC Heroes Still Nowhere In Sight

The digital edition promised two extra future heroes.


It's been one year since the release of Redfall on PC and Xbox Series X|S, and there's been no sign of a few extra bits or promised DLC for the game.

Users over at ResetEra took notice of this and pointed out how the Bite Back Digital Edition included the Redfall Hero Pass. It promised that players who bought this edition would have access to two future heroes. However, developer Arkane Austin hasn't provided any updates on when they would come.

Redfall's biggest update so far was a patch that came six months after launch that added stealth takedowns, bug fixes, and accessibility features. Since then, Redfall hasn't really gotten many substantial updates.

This is possibly due to Redfall's lackluster reception and poor reviews. Redfall reportedly had difficulties from the start of production, and roughly 70% of the company's staff that had worked on Prey (2017) were no longer there by the end of Redfall's development.

In GameSpot's Redfall review, we said, "Ultimately, Redfall is a game that should not have been released yet. Its litany of bugs hampers the gameplay loop of exploring its world with friends, and that loop itself feels compromised by elements that are poorly executed and ill-suited to the team implementing them."

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