Redesigned Wii Australia bound for late October

Nintendo Australia announces that the revamped Wii is slated for release Down Under in just a few weeks.


Mario Kart Wii
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While the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have both undergone massive redesigns, the Wii's makeover has been a lot subtler. Looking almost identical to the original model, the new Wii has had all GameCube compatibility removed from it, including the controller and memory card slots, and it is now designed to sit horizontally.

While Nintendo Australia hasn't made any public acknowledgements of the revamped Wii coming to Australia, the company has today done a complete turnaround. Announcing the news via the official Aussie Nintendo website, the new Wii is slated to arrive in "late October" and will simply slot alongside the existing model. The hardware refresh will retail for the same A$199.95 price point and includes the same packaged content:

The new Wii will look very familiar.
The new Wii will look very familiar.

1x Wii console
1x Wii Remote Plus
1x Nunchuk
1x Wii Wheel
1x Mario Kart Wii Game

For the time being, the redesigned Wii will coexist with the current model; however, the latter is due to be phased out at an undetermined time.

In the same statement, Nintendo Australia also announced that Go Adventure and Kirby's Adventure Wii would be coming to Australia in December.

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