RedBedlam announces Gladius Online

The new UK-based developer is working on a free online role-playing game set in the days of the Roman Empire.


Roma Victor

RedBedlam, a new UK-based development studio, has announced its upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Gladius Online. The game is set in Europe around AD 180, the heyday of the Roman Empire. Players will begin the game either enslaved within the empire or free outside the empire. Slaves can become citizens of the empire through hard work or by joining the legion, while those outside the empire can join a barbarian clan. Each type of character has different career possibilities. The game is designed to be authentic while still providing an enjoyable role-playing experience.

According to the developer, the game uses a revolutionary alternative revenue model, and it will not require any subscription fee to play. After the game is released, the company will reveal its revenue model, which will pay for server maintenance and the continuing development of the virtual world. In addition, more in-game features and services will be launched at that time in return for donations.

RedBedlam is currently in negotiations with investment and publishing partners, and the company is also accepting donations to help fund the ongoing development of Gladius Online. No official release date has been announced for the game. For more information, visit the official Gladius Online Web site.

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