Red Storm's Roswell Conspiracies

Red Storm to produce games based on the animated show Roswell Conspiracies.


Today, Red Storm Entertainment signed a deal with three developers - Red Lemon Studios, Climax, and Crawfish Interactive - to produce upcoming fourth quarter 2000 games based on the BKN series: Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths & Legends.

Roswell Conspiracies is a UFO conspiracy-minded show similar to X-Files, but designed for a kids' audience. Roswell Conspiracies, like X-Files, has two main characters: a determined conspiracy-busting agent named Nick Logan and his partner, Sh'Lainn Blaze. The difference, though, is that the series is animated and has a few different twists. For one, Blaze is a banshee. But according to the show's mythology, banshees, and all monsters like werewolves and vampires, are in fact aliens that have been living among Earthlings for countless years.

The show has been airing since August of last year on the BKN kids network, and in addition to appearing on US television, Roswell Conspiracies also airs in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Latin America.

The three developers will work on different versions of the same game. The PlayStation game will be developed primarily by Red Lemon Studios, the creator of the Braveheart PC real-time strategy game. It was Red Lemon that actually introduced the show to Red Storm. Climax will develop the Nintendo 64 and the Dreamcast versions of the game, and Crawfish will develop the Game Boy Color version.

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