Red Storm Announces Covert Ops

Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials will let gamers get an inside look at the world of counterterrorism.


This morning, Red Storm Entertainment announced the development of Rainbow Six: Covert Operations Essentials, or Covert Ops for short. The game is being developed by Paul Schuytema's Magic Lantern Playware, and it will contain video footage of weapons and equipment used by counterterrorism operatives to give players an inside look at the world of espionage and counterterrorism since 1970.

"This project really plays into our strengths. It's a chance to utilize a unique technology that we're developing and really sink our teeth into some fascinating subject matter as we sculpt the content for the title," said Magic Lantern president Paul Schuytema. "Red Storm has a proven track record and some very exciting properties. It's really an honor to get the opportunity to contribute to the Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear product lines."

Despite what it sounds like, Covert Ops isn't purely an interactive reference guide. Players can test their knowledge of espionage in the game's Officer Candidate School mode and actually play specially created levels and environments.

Rainbow Six: Covert Ops will ship this fall, and Red Storm has stated that it will be displaying the game at E3 in Los Angeles.

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