Red Star reignited, Raiden III release readied

Acclaim action title picked up by XS Games, set for release later this year; publisher will also bring Taito arcade shooter to US PS2s.


When Acclaim Entertainment's bankruptcy came to light in September of 2004, it had a number of hot properties in development that met varying fates. The publisher's street racer Juiced was picked up by THQ and published in June of 2005. The comic-based 100 Bullets was scrapped, with the license winding up in the hands of D3Publishing of America, who announced the development of an entirely new 100 Bullets game earlier this month.

Then there was another comic-based effort, The Red Star, an action game set in an alternate-reality Russia where magic is a key component to military might. Players take control of three rebels in their quest to take down the country's dictator and rescue a fellow comrade. With no news of the game being picked up for a year and a half in the wake of Acclaim's bankruptcy, it appeared The Red Star had been quietly extinguished.

But now, almost two years after Acclaim went under, The Red Star is finally set for release on the PlayStation 2. A representative of XS Games today confirmed for GameSpot that the publisher has indeed picked up the rights to the title, and is tentatively planning on distributing it to retailers in early August. As for the Xbox version of the game, the publisher is examining the possibility of releasing it, but at this point, "it could go either way."

The representative also confirmed another recent acquisition in Taito's arcade top-down shoot-'em-up Raiden III. The latest installment in the classic arcade series is tentatively scheduled for release in August or September. According to XS Games' representative, Raiden III will carry a budget price tag, while The Red Star will be priced somewhere in between the budget range and a full-priced game.

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Expect XS games to bastardise the games (see, Shikigami to Mobile Light Force 2, Shikigami II to Castle Shikigami, Gunbird to Mobile Light Force.) They may as well not translate the game at all and just sell the Japanese language version! At least it is coming here...

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This game is going to be fantastic. I got the opportunity to play the xbox version about a year ago when the game was almost completed and this is a game that will appeal to fans of intense 3rd person action with a little twist of arcade shoot-em-up. Grats to the development team for the release of your excellent game, especially the boss designer (you know who you are).

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Awesome news, there is very few "shoot 'em up" shooters in the US. The last best shooter I've played was R-Type Final and I had always been a fan of the Raiden Project, so seeing Raiden III was the best news. Let's just hope that other Japanese "shoot 'em up" shooters can get ported to the US Playstation 2 as well

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SnuffdaddyNZ said: "What!? Why put it on only US PS2's? I'd like to play Raiden too. At least put it on all PS2's." [end 'quote"] Raiden III has been available on European and Japanese PS2's since, last year. This is good news for shoot em' up fans in the U.S. XS games also ported Castle Shikigami II on the PS2 for the budget price of $10.00. Expect Raiden III to retail for the same price or at least no more than $20.00 This price is a steal, compared to the $72.00 dollars it cost me to import a Japanese copy.

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YES! YES! OH GOD YES! But seriously, if it doesn't come out on Xbox, I'm gonna flip.

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How likes shooter?

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Raiden 3 seeing a US release is excellent news, I'd hoped for awhile it would happen, and now it looks like it will.

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i'll testing this game hope is a good game for me

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Yay! Red Star is coming. I saw the demo at a CompUSA and thought it looked cool. I need to read the comic...

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Yes, yes, yes, YES!!!! Finally someone who knows a good game when they see one! I was truly bummed when I found the game to be cancelled a mere two weeks before release. All I've had is the demo to keep me hoping someone would grab it. This is great news!

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Raiden II was kick ass! I have it for PC. I'll buy Raiden III for sure if it's a budget game.

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What!? Why put it on only US PS2's? I'd like to play Raiden too. At least put it on all PS2's. Putting it on XBOX Live would have been a no brainer, but then Taito isn't one of the Arcade publishers yet.

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XS Games? Ouch... XS isn't that great of a publisher but maybe they can turn themselves around with these titles. It's at least good to see that Acclaim's titles are not being forgotten.

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Yes!!!!!! Finally some good news about Red Star. I was having so much hope for the game to come up anytime soon, after I played it on E3 of 2004. I hope that it comes pretty soon. Thank You for the good news Gamespot.

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Sweet... Raiden was one of my favorite games way back when... And there aren't enough 2D scroller games nowadays... Good stuff...

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i remember seeing this during on the spot and it looked like a great game...glad its back

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i never heard of this game but i think is going to be a good game for the PS2, lets hope so

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HELL YEAH! Man, I was worried about this one!

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I hope Red Star got development time beyond what Acclaim had done on it over 2 years ago. Raiden III sounds pretty sweet, I never got to play the original highly acclaimed Raiden. My hopes aren't very high since XS is a budget publisher.

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i still have the red star demo i got from oxm and it was so awesome i hope they release it for 360

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Red Star sounds like a cool game most go out and get this when it comes out and see how good of a game it is.

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Great to see these titles coming out. I really want Raiden 3 even if I have to buy it for my PS2. (PS2 is just not my system of choice.)

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Oh man this just made my day. I was totally bummed out when the Red Star got cancelled 2 years ago but now by some miracle I'll be able to play the game that I've been wanting ever since I played the demo at K-Mart 2 years ago. And to make this even sweeter they're bringing Raiden's much anticipated sequel to America. This is awesome.

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WOW ps2 xbox. I am in the new gen BABY

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I see that the PS2 has alot of exclusive games, like her sister, the PS3.

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i hope these games are good ones.

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I can remember playing the demo for The Red Star from the Official Xbox Magazine demo disc, it was actually pretty fun. I played through it a few times. I'm happy to see it finally come to shelves.

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Meh not interested...

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Sounds like it should be pretty good. But we will see.

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Well, MS pretty much pulled the plug on the Xbox, so publishers are stopping supporting it. If you are upset it's not going to be on the Xbox, blame them. Other companies manage to still support their older consoles...

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Sweet, ever since I heard it was cancelled (and played the demo) I was hoping it would be picked up somewhere, so greay news. If only it wasn't PS2 exclusive...

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I'm glad Red Star is coming out, i still play the demo off and on, but couldn't they release it on the Xbox too, like it was supposed to be? I dislike the dual-shock controller.

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Oh wow, I thought I'd Red Star would never see the light of day... and a budget priced Raiden III =0 what good news!!

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they are a bit late to the party.

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looks ok....

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Thank heavens! I have been patiently waiting for someone to pick up the Red Star after Acclaim kicked the bucket - the demo was pretty sweet.

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played the demo of Red Star. Was an ok demo, but i'd like to see more. Hopefully turns out to be good.

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looks ehh.. not my kind of game tho

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Yes!!! I've been waiting for almost two years to hear this news! The Red Star is a great story and from what I've seen of the gameplay this looks like a great game.

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HOPe it is a good game