Red Mile re-orgs, set to Sin in late '09

Jackass and Gripshift outfit details restructuring plan as report states Sin City game's release date on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.


The publisher of Jackass has just taken a Taser to the gooch. Sausalito, California-based Red Mile Entertainment today announced a restructuring plan that--much like the stunts portrayed in the MTV series on which its last game was based--will hurt in the short term but could pay off down the line.

Red Mile CEO Chester Aldridge said in a statement the company will "substantially reduce operating costs and optimize our distribution model." The restructuring has already seen the resignations of Red Mile president Glenn Wong and chief financial officer Ben Zadik. One of the company's external consultants, Simon Price, has been tapped as Wong's replacement.

A representative today confirmed for GameSpot that several non-developmental employees had been laid off as part of the restructuring. However, he stressed that the moves are being made for the benefit of Red Mile's two current projects, Sin City and Heroes Over Europe, both of which are continuing development as planned.

Today also marks a rare update to the development of the Sin City game, courtesy of an article on The Hollywood Reporter Web site. The movie industry trade publication pegged a Christmas 2009 release window for Sin City, and cites designer/writer Flint Dille as saying the Unreal Engine 3-powered game would be arriving on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. A Red Mile representative declined to confirm the Hollywood Reporter details.

Dille also said the team hopes to produce sequels for the game every other year after the initial release. The article says the first game is six months into production with a team of 35 to 50 developers at the Australian studio Transmission Games, which is also creating Heroes Over Europe. That game has been set for a fall 2008 release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with a PC edition following in 2009.

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