Red Faction II goes gold

THQ announces that the sequel to last year's PlayStation 2 first-person shooter is complete.


THQ has announced that the first-person action game Red Faction II has gone gold. Red Faction II is the sequel to the 2001 original, which followed Parker, a young miner on Mars who led a revolution against the oppressive Ultor Corporation mining company. In Red Faction II, players assume the role of Alias, a demolitions expert, who joins five squad members in an attempt to overthrow the government. The requisite tools--vehicles and an arsenal of powerful weapons--will be at Alias' disposal. Red Faction II features an updated enemy AI and an enhanced version of the Geo-Mod technology that allowed the destructible environments the original game was known for.

Red Faction II will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 2 on October 16. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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