Red Faction: Armageddon May delay tops THQ schedule

MX vs. ATV Alive hits in spring; Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine due in summer; Saints Row 3 and next WWE coming in fall; and next UFC coming in early 2012.


Last month, THQ reported quarterly losses of $30.1 million, thanks to lower-than-expected sales of UFC Undisputed. In an analyst conference call following the report, the company said it was considering expanding the release window between UFC games to more than a year.

Red Faction is aiming for a May release.
Red Faction is aiming for a May release.

Today, THQ revealed its release schedule of "core games" for its 2012 fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2012. Sure enough, the slate reveals that the next UFC game won't arrive until Q1 2012, nearly two years after May's UFC Undisputed 2010. While still a best-seller with nearly 3 million units shipped, the game did not perform as well as expected.

THQ's schedule also narrowed the launch window for the next installment in the Red Faction series, Armageddon. Once due in March 2011, The Volition-developed, open-world game will arrive in May, followed by the summer release of the Relic-developed Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.

Fall 2011 will see the long-awaited debut of Saints Row 3, the capper in the Grand Theft Auto-like sandbox crime series. That same time frame will also see the next WWE wrestling game, although what exactly the title will be was unclear.


Title / Anticipated Release Date

- Red Faction Armageddon / May 2011
- MX vs. ATV Alive / Spring 2011
- Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine / Summer 2011
- Saints Row 3 / Fall 2011
- WWE / Fall 2011
- UFC / Winter 2012

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