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Rockstar's Jamie King talks a little about the resuscitated Wild West action game.


Red Dead Revolver is the forthcoming action game set in the Old West from Rockstar and developer Rockstar San Diego, formerly known as Angel Studios. Though the game's release date was once in doubt, it's now back on track for a late April release, and it's looking better than ever. The third-person action game will put you in control of Red, a bounty hunter out for revenge after his family is killed. You'll fight in all kinds of Wild West-flavored scenarios, such as on speeding trains, in rowdy saloons, and even in a stagecoach chase. In light of its impending release, we recently caught up with Rockstar Vice President of Development Jamie King to pose a few questions about Red Dead Revolver's theme.

Red's a tough hombre, out for revenge after the murder of his family.
Red's a tough hombre, out for revenge after the murder of his family.

GameSpot: Rockstar is famous for games that take place in urban environments. What motivated Rockstar to put out a Western-themed game?

Jamie King: Rockstar is motivated to develop and publish games that offer new forms of gameplay, regardless of their environments or settings. We have always liked the Western genre, as the imagery and attitudes are extremely strong. When we saw the beautiful artwork already created by Capcom, we thought it would be a missed opportunity not to take on the challenge of crafting all the elements into a game that would come close to the experience of being a gunslinger from the West. We were aware that no Western game to date has fulfilled gaming audience expectations, so like a red flag to a bull, we couldn't resist rising to the challenge.

GS: What is it about the Western genre that turns you on?

JK: The whole essence of the Western period is saturated with character, attitude, and style. Out of a harsh existence, the tale of a mysterious, lone gunman out for revenge--or money--in a lawless land is very intriguing. Blazing gun battles, memorable bad guys, fantastic cinematography, a haunting score...all of these elements make the image of the Wild West very compelling.

GS: Are there any Western video games that have influenced Red Dead Revolver?

Red Dead Revolver will ride off into the sunset--and onto store shelves--before you know it.
Red Dead Revolver will ride off into the sunset--and onto store shelves--before you know it.

JK: Not really, aside from the fact that of the few titles that have been released, we don't feel any of them have fully explored the genre. We feel this is a very original game. It is not only much different than other Western games but also other Rockstar titles as well. Red Dead Revolver is a very fast-paced, arcade-style third-person shooter that incorporates precision targeting. So while we have a story that revolves around one man's quest for revenge after the murder of his family, we also have a very innovative fighting scheme that is very pick-up-and-play yet offers the opportunity to master. This is not just a shooter with a Wild West backdrop. It is something new.

GS: What feature in Red Dead Revolver do you think best captures the spirit of the spaghetti Western?

JK: There are two elements really: the overall art palette, which completely sets the tone and evokes the atmosphere of the Wild West, and the dueling mechanic. We knew that the game had to have a "showdown," where the tension slowly builds only to erupt in a barrage of gunfire. This is the classic image of the Wild West. The stakes are as high as they can get. You either take out your nemesis in the blink of an eye, or you're finished.

GS: Thanks for your time.

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