Red Dead Redemption studio helping with GTAV

Employee resume indicates Rockstar San Diego assisting Rockstar North on much-anticipated open-world action game.


Red Dead Redemption developer Rockstar San Diego is working with Rockstar North on the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto V, according to the LinkedIn resume of a former employee. As spotted by Videogamer, the page indicates the developer "worked on Grand Theft Auto 5 at Rockstar San Diego" between March 2011 and March 2012.

Maybe your ride in GTAV can be a Mustang?
Maybe your ride in GTAV can be a Mustang?

Edinburgh, Scotland-based Rockstar North is the only confirmed studio at work on GTAV, but that outfit and Rockstar San Diego previously collaborated on the critically lauded and commercially successful Red Dead Redemption.

In March, rumor had it Mafia studio 2K Czech was assisting Rockstar on GTAV, but the publisher was quick to dispel this notion, saying at the time, "Rockstar Games and 2K Czech are not working on any projects together."

GTAV was announced in October, and a teaser trailer that followed in November confirmed that the game will be set primarily in present-day Los Santos, a fictional town modeled on Los Angeles. Rockstar has also said that GTAV boasts the largest scope of any installment in the franchise to date.

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Great news, as RDR did fantastic.

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Geez, I gotta keep up on current events more often. Can't believe this is THE game I'm waiting for and I'm just now hearing this. Still, this is looking really promising. RDR was just as good if not better than the GTA series. And RDR was the only game I actually enjoyed playing online. Looking forward to it.

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Bring the games to PC at the same time as the console!

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Both the Rockstar units have units have created masterpieces.

GTA V is blessed with combined strength.

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can not wait for this. I am playing Max Payne 3 right now and loving it. Rockstar is the best no doubt.

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That's a good news, lets see what you got rockstar, give us your truly best!

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I hope that they make GTAV's shooting and cover systems much more enjoyable than GTAIV's, as they were in Red Dead.

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Get working on Red Dead 2 !!!

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@lol_lol1 Red Dead 3, red dead redemption its not the first red dead

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When it comes to GTA, there's only one thing I say:

I will glady give my money. :D

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im looking forward for this game.

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Ohboy, i was obsessed when i got my hands on gta iv, then i was obsessed with RDR, and now ones helping the other... i will simply not have a life when this comes out.

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I have hope for this game, GTA 4 was disappointing.

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Dayuuuum. This game is gonna be HUUUUUUUUGE.

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I just got Red Dead Redemption yesterday.There are good games and then there are Rockstar games.

Winner-Gamers every where.

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Rockstar games has never disapponted me. They constantly step up to the plate and knock it out of the park. I bought my Playstation 2 just to play Vice City. A few years later, bought my first Xbox 360 to play GTA4, and when that bricked, I bought another one in 2010 to play Red Dead Redemption.

These guys just make great games, and GTA 5 has me on pins and needles! I think Rockstar and Valve are the two game developers I respect the most, not only because just about every single game they have touched turns to gold, but because they constantly strive to innovate and set industry wide standards, and also because they respect their fans. Can't wait for GTA 5! (and fingers crossed for Half Life 3 for that matter!)

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@TheDudeman420 best comment ever

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Rockstar Games is the ONLY mainstream developer that has artistic flair as well as amazing gameplay. They offer variety, story, technical prowess, great gameplay, amazing replay value and they do things in their own terms. They don't rip off or clone other popular titles. So if the team that delivered GotY RDR is helping R* North, this can only be another GotY! I'm on board with anything that has the R* logo on it.

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Two mammoth developers, not surprised as its a mammoth game!

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Cummon R* you tease, we want a release date!!

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It looks great, although the smog effect is WAY over-done. This looks like 1980's Los Angeles. The smog has went down greatly since then, it looks nothing this now, thanks to constant mandatory smog testing from the dmv

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the sad thing is gta 5 wont be out until 2013

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they had me at Red Dead Redemption

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Grand Red Theft Dead Auto Redemption.

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@bfa1509 Grand theft Horse.

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@PetJel @bfa1509

Grand Theft Cattle.

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ROCKSTAR TAKE MAH MONEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I will be more addicted with this than Skyrim.

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Bring on a new Red Dead game!

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If i had any real money to my name i would invest in rockstar. they use the technology they develop for their lesser known or played games and throw it into the big game. Like red dead and its cover system, bullet time; max payne bullet time and AI enemy tactics; l.a. noire w/ more detailed facial and verbal interactions. all that's going into gta 5 can't fucking wait.....

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@Earthen80 the people who discount them are fairly silly every game they have made for the current generation shows polish and creativity in some new way, the deserve the credit they get because they seem to rarely disappoint and they seem to stay away from those stupid pass codes that you have input to play online that most games have been in putting in there games these days also there DLC always seemed to be priced fairly.

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The video also seemed to use actual real life mockups of cars un like GTA IV (4)

In GTA 4 the Calvicade is a 2007 Cadillac Escalade and the Crown Victoria Police car is an actual Crown Victoria it is just a 1988-1998 version if you look at the tail lights.

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I really hope they go for San Andreas (yes the 3 cities and the countryside areas) just because it showed only Los Santos on the trailer doesn't mean its limited to it.

If they are really going for "[i]the largest scope of any installment in the franchise to date[/i]" they better not do a Los Santos only, one single enormous city would be just boring IMO, I was very disappointed with Liberty City not having a countryside.

I think everyone remembers the shoot out on GTA:SA in Los Santos and the next minute you were "a million miles away" in a small town on the middle of no where hiding out in a trailer, awesome.

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@Kane04 The problem with a game like San Andreas is that R* and technology is not yet at the level to create such a massive environment while keeping an enormous amount of detail. Recreating just one city in finely vivid detail while running quality graphics is hard enough work and difficult to store on disc, let alone 3 giant cities with realistic rural connections. And that's what San Andreas lacked, realism. While the game offered a lot of content gameplay-wise, the visuals actually looked like a step down from Vice City. San Andreas had a better graphics engine, but Vice City just felt more like a real city. I think R* was so busy with map and the environment that they didn't have much time for other things.

I would also like to see a return to San Andreas but if they pull it off right. Who knows, maybe R* just might pull something out their ass and give us San Fierro and Las Venturas as DLC.

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This bolsters my hope for the game. Red Dead Redemption is still the best piece of entertainment software I have ever played.

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Maybe they'll be doing the countryside/desert/mountain areas since they did them so well in Red Dead Redemption. Also the multiplayer. I'd also like to see the script size for GTA V - search GTA IV script on Google images, theres a comparison between IV and III's scripts. I'm wondering what V's is like compared to IV.

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@i want gta v and bully 2

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@tino299 @i I'm selling bully if you want it

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I notice that the article states that this entry boasts the largest scope of any installment in the franchise to date - I hope that they don't have to compress this down on to one DVD just to appease the XBOX360 owners - therefore providing PS3 owners of an inferior version. I don't care if they have to give XBOX360 owners 3 discs like LA Noir or even 5 discs - I want a visually stunning game!

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@Pez1979 I hope they don't hold back at all. Make it 5 DVD's on Xbox 360, I don't care, I have a PS3 :P

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Some people discount Rockstar and state that their games are guaranteed to get high scores just because they're made by Rockstar. To me, Rockstar is probably going to be remembered as one of the best development studios in gaming, not because of the titles they release, but simply because of the time they take to "craft" games and the amount of polish they put into each title. Every major release has been a huge step forward, the years of dedication and hard work shine through. Can't wait for GTA V.

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@Earthen80 I often feel like they are the only dev/publisher that actually cares about games more than $$$

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I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle GET DOWN AND BOOGIE !

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Thats great to hear!

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Shouldn't the RDR studio already be busy porting Redemption over to PC?

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@Vaultboy-101 they have said that RDR will not ever come to PC which is effed up.

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@Vaultboy-101 Who's to say that another Rockstar branch isn't taking care of it. After all R* Leeds is porting L.A. Noire, while other branches have done ports of other titles that they didn't originally work on.

Also, not all of R*SD could be working on GTAV. Maybe only some of them are and the others could be working on other things (such as the port).

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Ha, good one. They probably should at some point. I actually didn't realize they hadn't until I read your comment.