Red Dead Redemption Runs Better on Xbox One, Analysis Says

Red Dead Redemption's frame rate rarely drops and is always higher than the 360 version.


Red Dead Redemption is now playable on Xbox One through the console's backwards compatibility program. Tech outlet Digital Foundry has released a new video that tests the game's performance on both the Xbox One and 360, and it's found that it runs better on the more powerful console.

Digital Foundry discovered that the Xbox One version of Red Dead Redemption keeps a solid frame rate more often than the Xbox 360. It holds strong at 30 FPS and only drops in certain moments, like a farm shootout early in the game--even in these sections, it still holds a higher frame rate than the 360. Red Dead Redemption is special in this regard, as improved performance isn't present in all Xbox One backwards compatible games. Check it out in the video below.

Additionally, Digital Foundry notes some screen tearing in the 360 version, adding that it doesn't appear on the Xbox One. Despite this visual difference, the tech outlet points out that both versions look relatively similar, with the same 720p resolution, textures, and draw distances.

Red Dead Redemption received a score of 9.5 in GameSpot's review. Critic Justin Calvert said, "This is an outstanding game that tells a great story with memorable and occasionally laugh-out-loud-funny characters. Think about great moments that you remember from spaghetti Western movies, put them all into one 20- to 40-hour epic feature, and picture yourself in the starring role. Now you have some idea of what's waiting for you in Red Dead Redemption."

After it was announced that Red Dead Redemption would make its way to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program, the game increased 6000 percent in its video game sales ranking on Amazon. On top of that, some of the game's DLC has been made free in celebration of the release.

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