Red Dead Redemption "Rejuvenated" the Western Genre, Take-Two Says

Plus, original game's developer is on a big hiring push.

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Rockstar Games' 2010 open-world action game Red Dead Redemption "rejuvenated the Western entertainment genre," according to the developer's parent company, Take-Two Interactive. The company dropped the quote as part of a "shareholder outreach" document filed this week with the United States Securities & Exchange Commission.

Red Dead Redemption has shipped more than 13 million copies to date, and is one of ten Take-Two franchises that has sold-in more than 5 million copies during its lifetime. The game was adored by critics at release, and currently has a 95 rating on GameSpot sister site Metacritic.

Though there is no word yet on a potential sequel, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has previously described Red Dead Redemption as a "permanent" franchise like the James Bond movie series, suggesting 2010's installment won't be the last. Development on that title was led by Rockstar San Diego, which appears to be staffing up for a big project. The studio is currently looking to fill a total of 37 positions, 28 of which are labeled "featured." By comparison, lead Grand Theft Auto studio Rockstar North is only has 20 open positions currently.

As you might expect, the job listings at Rockstar San Diego are very general and do not include any specific details regarding what the project might be. For more on the original Red Dead Redemption, check out GameSpot's review.

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