Red Dead Redemption GOTY arriving Sept. 16?

Since-pulled BBFC listing reportedly says Undead Nightmare add-on to be bundled in new iteration of open-world Western due out next month.


Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

No Caption Provided Source: A no-longer-existing British Board of Film Classification listing, as reported on by Gamerzines and Eurogamer.

What we heard: Rockstar San Diego's Red Dead Redemption was released in May 2010 to glowing critical reception, notching GameSpot's 2010 Game of the Year award. Now, it appears the open-world Western will wear its accolades on its chest with a Game of the Year edition from Rockstar.

Game of the Year edition? It ain't braggin' if ya done it.
Game of the Year edition? It ain't braggin' if ya done it.

According to the reports, Red Dead Redemption's Game of the Year edition was listed by the BBFC with a September 16 release date. This listing has apparently since been pulled.

The Game of the Year edition of Red Dead Redemption will reportedly include the Undead Nightmare zombie-themed add-on, which was released in October 2010.

The official word: As of press time, Rockstar Games had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

Bogus or not bogus?: Given that Red Dead Redemption was named Game of the Year at various publications--and that even games that can't make that claim receive Game of the Year editions--it would stand to reason that the title would see a rerelease reflecting that. And including the content-heavy Undead Nightmare add-on would not be a wild proposition either. If the GOTY edition is to be released next month, gamers can expect word from Rockstar soon.

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