Red Dead Redemption DLC hits retail Nov. 23

Stand-alone Undead Nightmare release includes all four add-ons and multiplayer free roam modes, will sell on Xbox 360 and PS3 for $30.

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Take-Two Interactive today launched the Undead Nightmare, the fourth and final announced downloadable content pack for Red Dead Redemption. The publisher also today let gamers know when they could get their hands on a zombie-infused version of its open-world Western in disc form.

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare will arrive in stores November 23, giving those who don't own Red Dead Redemption an opportunity to play the game's add-ons without needing the original disc. The package will include all four of the previously released downloadable content packs: Undead Nightmare, Outlaws to the End, Legends and Killers, and Liars and Cheats. The retail collection will also include all previously released multiplayer free roam modes and will sell for $30.

Undead Nightmare also features zombie wildlife.
Undead Nightmare also features zombie wildlife.

As the name implies, the Undead Nightmare Pack introduces zombies to the world of Red Dead Redemption with an entirely new single-player adventure. The storyline sees an undead plague sweep across the frontier, with protagonist John Marston charged with finding a cure. Additionally, it adds more animals to the game's biosphere, new "dynamic events," eight new zombie characters for use in multiplayer, and a new Undead Overrun cooperative mode.

For more on the Undead Nightmare Pack, check out GameSpot's previous coverage. For more on the original Red Dead Redemption, check out GameSpot's review.

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