Red Dead Redemption co-op DLC releasing June 22

Rockstar will be releasing the free, co-op-orientated Outlaws to the End DLC for the open-world Western epic later this month.


Red Dead Redemption

The promised co-op patch for Rockstar's hit Western Red Dead Redemption will be released worldwide June 22 on Xbox Live and a day later, June 23, on the PlayStation Network. Outlaws to the End will add six co-op missions for up to four players, alongside more co-op challenges, extra multiplayer XP rewards, and additional trophies and achievements.

With the DLC, trekking across the Old West needn't be such a lonesome experience.
With the DLC, trekking across the Old West needn't be such a lonesome experience.

Three of the six missions have already been announced. Walton's Gold has your posse ploughing through a gold camp and loading up your mine cart with as much loot as possible before the place explodes. The River has your team taking out rebel encampments while on a raft heading downstream. Ammunition has your gang taking back the town of Tesoro Azul from the Mexican army. Rockstar will announce details of the other missions at a later date.

The game currently has support for competitive multiplayer modes, although some users have been experiencing problems connecting to the online portion of the game. Rockstar is looking to put out a patch for this and some other issues before the end of next week. As an apology to customers over the matter, Rockstar will release the Expert Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits and challenges free of charge in the summer, according to a blog post from the developer.

Red Dead Redemption has already become a global best-seller, securing the position of eleventh biggest first week in the history of the UK all-formats chart. The critically acclaimed open-world game is set in the twilight days of the Old West and sees players take the role of former outlaw John Marston as he clings to the old ways in a world changing around him.

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