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Red Dead Redemption 2's Release Window Doesn't Matter, Take-Two Says

"Consumers are consuming entertainment year-round now; they don't stop in the summer months."


The holiday season is usually a popular time for new game releases, but history has shown that games, or consoles for that matter, don't need to launch then to enjoy success. In an earnings call today, Take-Two president Strauss Zelnick said this is also true for Red Dead Redemption 2.

"For a title like this, I don't think the launch window really matters," he said when asked about a potential summer 2018 release for the highly anticipated action game.

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Zelnick pointed out that 2010's Red Dead Redemption was released in May, and it went on to become an "extraordinarily successful" game for Take-Two.

"Red Dead Redemption went out in May and was an extraordinarily successful title," he said. "Consumers are consuming entertainment year-round now; they don't stop in the summer months. We believe that if you give people an extraordinary experience, they will show up for it."

Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced with a Fall 2017 release window, but yesterday, Rockstar announced a delay to Spring 2018. Delays are nothing new for Rockstar-developed titles, as the original Red Dead Redemption was also delayed, while GTA V was pushed back as well.

For more on Red Dead Redemption 2, here's the reason why Rockstar delayed it.

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