Red Dead Redemption 2's Latest Weekly Update Adds A Legendary Panther

The Legendary Iwakta Panther comes to Red Dead Online along with new weapons, cosmetic items, and a Halloween event.


Red Dead Redemption 2's latest weekly update introduces a new legendary animal for you to hunt or sample in Red Dead Online. There are also new weapons and cosmetic items to unlock or purchase, and XP bonuses for taking part in Red Dead's special Halloween event, Dead of Night.

The Legendary Iwakta Panther is terrorizing the townsfolk near Braithwaite Manor, with several labourers and animals falling victim to the dangerous predator. As always, you can speak to Harriet at her shop to launch this new Sighting Mission and attempt to kill or sample the cunning beast. Just make sure you bring plenty of Sedative Ammo with you if you're planning on the latter option.

If you opt for lethal force, you can take the Legendary Iwakta Panther's spotted hide to Gus' store to sell it for cash and unlock the Iwakta Coat for purchase. With new unique materials at his disposal, Gus will also sell the Improved Bow Variant - Jaguar, if you fancy wielding a bow fashioned from dense bone and jaguar hide. Acquiring either of these new items will earn you a reward for a free Single Bandolier. You can also pick up all of Gus' Trapper Hats and Saddlebags for 40% this week.

Elsewhere, the spooky season has come to Red Dead Online with the Halloween Pass. This week's Featured Series is Dead of Night, a four-way battle between the living and the dead. Players who take part in this special event will enjoy triple the payouts for both gold and XP. Playing Dead of Night on Halloween will also complete a Daily Challenge, as will eating candy.

If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, Madam Nazar is selling a collection of Halloween Masks through November 2. All Bounty Hunter Missions, Collector Set sales, Moonshiner and Trader Sales are also paying out an extra 25% in cash and double the XP until November 2. Halloween Pass owners will receive a reward for a free weapon component of their choice as well.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has new items for sale this week. You can grab both the Caffyns Hat and Garrack Hat, plus new colorways of the Varmint Hat, Hunter Jacket, Riggs Fringe Coat, Griffith Chaps, Strayhorn Boots, Becker Half-Chaps, and Weathered Half-Chaps.

There are also discounts on select Roles this week if you fancy trying something different. You can take 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector, and Naturalist Roles, plus 10 Gold Bars off the cost of the Moonshiner Role. Moonshiners can also waive the cost to pick up shop and move their Moonshine Shack for the next seven days.

In addition to this, all Role items across the board are 40% off, while all players have access to sales in the Catalogue and at Gunsmiths, Tailors, and Stables. These include 40% off all Gun Belts, Bandoliers, Double Bandoliers, and Ponchos; 40% off all Saddles, Improved Saddles, and Saddle Equipment; 30% off all Pistols and Revolvers; and 30% off all horses.

If you're eager to see the results of the Naturalist Photo Challenge, Rockstar says you should keep an eye on the Newswire for an announcement in the coming weeks. Six of the communities best photographs will be selected from over 10,000 submissions, with the winning entries added to Red Dead Online as Camp Flags, Moonshine Bar Photos, or Photo Studio Backgrounds in the next title update.

Players who connect to Prime Gaming before November 16 will also receive a reward for a free Single Bandolier, plus offers for 50% off a Double Bandolier, 50% off the Deluxe Campfire, and 30% off the Improved Bow.

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