Red Dead Redemption 2 Gun And Weapon Features Detailed

My rifle, my pony, and me.


Rockstar's embargo on Red Dead Redemption 2 reviews has ended, and with it come a huge flood of information about the game. That includes details on how weapon customization works, as well as accounts of how long Red Dead 2 is and more.

Red Dead Redemption 2 looks to be a shockingly precise cowboy simulator, right down to some survivalist mechanics like hunting and dressing appropriately. All a real frontiersman needs is a horse and a trusty rifle, and Rockstar has taken the wraps off of your weapon selection in the upcoming game.

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According to the official site, RDR2 has more than 50 weapons, each with customization options and ammo types to help determine stats like accuracy, range, and damage. Weapons will level up the more you use them, and they'll need to be kept oiled and cleaned to stave off degradation. You can customize with barrels, grips, sights, and scopes for performance, along with visual flourishes like selecting your metals, woods, varnishes, and engravings.

The visual elements like metals and engravings can be customizable per component of your gun, and you can pick a different engraving on your trigger guard, barrel, and frame for a truly unique look. Ammo types like split point, high velocity, and explosive can be used in a pinch for tougher enemies. A good holster will help prevent weapon degredation, while off-hand holsters let you dual wield your weapons. Finally, your horse's saddle will store your weapons, so you'll have to select which weapons to take on your person when you tie up your horse.

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Rockstar cites a handful of examples of how various weapons can deal with different situations. The Bolt-Action Rifle is best for long-range combat against multiple targets, while the Pump-Action Shotgun is best suited for close combat against hearty wild beasts. A Double-Action Revolver works well if shooting from horseback, while a Sawed-Off Shotgun is better if you're limited to one hand while the other carries a lantern. The Varmint Rifle is best for small game since it will do the least damage to their skin and meat. And the Springfield Rifle is ideal for one-on-one confrontations at mid-range. And those are just a few of the examples.

The new Dead-Eye system helps you make the most out of every shot, and progresses to become more powerful over the course of the game. It will let you auto-select targets, manually place multiple shots on the same enemy, fire in slow motion, or pinpoint weak spots on enemies.

Red Dead Redemption 2 hits on October 26. Check out some of the most surprising details we know about so far while we wait to explore the Old West.

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