Red Dead Redemption 2 Companion App Could Hint At PC Version

Plus, the Old West in VR?


Red Dead Redemption 2 might come to PC after all. The recently released mobile companion app appears to have some code buried deep in it that references PC settings, graphics options, and even a reference to a VR device.

Rockstar Intel reports that the companion app includes files that reference graphics options, temporal anti-aliasing, water reflection resolution, and shadow and particle quality. Some files appear to say "PcVersion" and one mentions Oculus, presumably a reference to the line of VR devices. Other pieces of the code could hint at a desktop version of the companion app, but it would be odd to have such deep graphics settings for an app that mostly serves as an interactive map and strategy guide hub.

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So far, Rockstar has said mum on the possibility of a PC port, but there remains some reason to believe one will come eventually. Grand Theft Auto V was the most recent release from the company, and it released those console versions without a PC version before announcing the port much later. Then again, the first Red Dead Redemption never came to PC despite years of fan requests, so it's certainly not set in stone. These companion app leaks are the most concrete indication we've seen so far, and they're still anything but certain.

If you do want to jump aboard the wagon train without waiting for an uncertain PC port, but you still want to get the best possible performance, a recent analysis concluded that the Xbox One X is the way to go. PS4 Pro came in second, followed by a standard PS4, and finally, the Xbox One S. And there's currently a pretty good deal that will net you both Red Dead 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider for a cool $70.

If you have already picked up a copy, read up on our list of all the cheat codes we've found so far, or just learn how to fish like a proper frontiersman.

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