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Red Dead Redemption 2 Challenges And How To Trigger Them

Here comes a new challenge!

As you play Red Dead Redemption 2, you'll start to see notifications informing you that you've completed a challenge. Now this all sounds fine and dandy, but you're likely asking yourself: "What does completing challenges do? Heck, why should I even bother completing them?" That's a fair question, and we're here to answer it for you, whether you're jumping into the new PC version or the existing PS4 or Xbox One versions.

Challenges are gameplay feats you complete to earn XP and unlock upgraded equipment for purchase at your local trapper, such as new Gun Belts, Bandoliers, Holsters, and Off-Hand Holsters. Each piece posses its own perks that increase either ammo capacity or decrease weapon degradation rate. Equipping them even improves your general statistics, but more on that in a second.

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There are nine challenge categories in total, each with ten feats to complete. As you'd expect, the feats vary per category. For example, the Bandit challenges have you working to hold up townsfolk, steal wagons, and amass a sizable bounty, while the Explorer challenges focus on you finding treasure. It's important to note that you must complete challenges in sequential order, so you can't just prioritize completing the seventh challenge over the first few only because it's easier.

Completing challenges is a worthwhile endeavor, as the equipment you unlock offers bonus bars around your Health, Stamina, and Dead Eye Cores when you complete the set. You are rewarded an extra bar when you complete one of the three sets associated with that statistic. And you unlock an additional bar to that statistic once you've acquired all three sets associated with it. The table below contains details on which equipment set is associated with which attribute.

AttributeEquipment Set
  • Horseman
  • Sharpshooter
  • Weapons Expert
  • Bandit
  • Gambler
  • Master Hunter
Dead Eye
  • Explorer
  • Herbalist
  • Survivalist

There's even an extra bonus in store for you upon completing all 90 challenges. You unlock a special outfit called "Legend of the East," which provides hefty bonuses to Arthur's statistics. If that's something you're aspiring towards, you're in luck as we've compiled every single challenge in the game for your reference, so get crackin'!

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Bandit 1Hold up five townsfolkBandit Bandolier
Bandit 2Rob two stage coaches or complete two stage coach robbery missions$5 + 25 Dead Eye XP
Bandit 3Rob a cash register in any four shops in one dayBandit Holster
Bandit 4Rob three stage coaches in a single day$10 + 50 Dead Eye XP
Bandit 5Amass a $250 bounty in one State$10 + 50 Dead Eye XP
Bandit 6Steal five horses and sell them to the horse Fence at Clemens Cove$15 + 100 Dead Eye XP
Bandit 7Rob $50 worth of cash and valuables from townsfolk and travelersBandit Off-Hand Holster
Bandit 8Steal seven wagons and sell them to the Fence at Emerald Ranch$15 + 100 Dead Eye XP
Bandit 9Hogtie someone and leave them on railroad tracks three times$20 + 150 Dead Eye XP
Bandit 10Complete five train robberies without dying or getting caughtBandit Gun Belt


Explorer 1Find a treasure mapExplorer Holster
Explorer 2Find a treasure$5 + 25 Stamina XP
Explorer 3Find a treasureExplorer Bandolier
Explorer 4Find a treasure$10 + 50 Stamina XP
Explorer 5Find a treasure$10 + 50 Stamina XP
Explorer 6Find a treasure$15 + 100 Stamina XP
Explorer 7Find a treasureExplorer Gun Belt
Explorer 8Find a treasure$15 + 100 Stamina XP
Explorer 9Find a treasure$20 + 150 Stamina XP
Explorer 10Find a treasureExplorer Off-Hand Holster


Gambler 1Win five hands of pokerGambler Holster
Gambler 2In blackjack, double down and win the hand five times$5 + 25 Dead Eye XP
Gambler 3Win three games of five finger filetGambler Bandolier
Gambler 4Bust a poker opponent out in Flatneck Station, Saint Denis, and Valentine$10 + 50 Dead Eye XP
Gambler 5Win three rounds of dominoes without drawing any tiles against two or fewer opponents$10 + 50 Dead Eye XP
Gambler 6Beat a blackjack dealer in Rhodes and Van Horn$15 + 100 Dead Eye XP
Gambler 7Beat the five finger filet player in Strawberry, Valentine, and Van HornGambler Gun Belts
Gambler 8Win three hands of blackjack with three hits or more$15 + 100 Dead Eye XP
Gambler 9Win three consecutive games of dominoes$20 + 150 Dead Eye XP
Gambler 10Win three consecutive hands of pokerGambler Off-Hand Holster


Herbalist 1Pick six yarrowHerbalist Off-Hand Holster
Herbalist 2Pick and eat four species of berry$5 + 25 health XP
Herbalist 3Craft seven items using sage as an ingredientHerbalist Gun Belt
Herbalist 4Pick five mushrooms and feed them to your horse$10 + 50 Health XP
Herbalist 5Craft nine items using the Indian tobacco as an ingredient$10 + 50 Health XP
Herbalist 6Pick 15 different species of herb$15 + 100 Health XP
Herbalist 7Craft and use five special miracle TonicsHerbalist Holster
Herbalist 8Use oleander to craft six poison weapons$15 + 100 Health XP
Herbalist 9Pick one of each species of herb$20 + 150 Health XP
Herbalist 10Season and cook all 11 types of meatHerbalist Bandolier


Horseman 1Kill five rabbits from horsebackHorseman Gun Belt
Horseman 2Jump over three obstacles in 15 seconds$5 + 25 Stamina XP
Horseman 3Ride from Valentine to Rhodes in less than five minutesHorseman Holster
Horseman 4While mounted, drag a victim for 3,300 feet using your lasso$10 + 50 Stamina XP
Horseman 5Trample five animals with your horse$10 + 50 Stamina XP
Horseman 6Ride from Strawberry to Saint Denis in less than nine minutes without touching water$15 + 100 Stamina XP
Horseman 7Kill seven enemies from horseback without dismountingHorseman Bandolier
Horseman 8Kill nine predators from horseback$15 + 100 Stamina XP
Horseman 9Ride from Van Horn to Blackwater in less than 17 minutes without touching water$20 + 150 Stamina XP
Horseman 10Break every single wild horse breedHorseman Off-Hand Holster

Master Hunter

Master Hunter 1Skin three deerMaster Hunter Off-Hand Holster
Master Hunter 2Get three perfect-quality rabbit pelts$5 + 25 Health XP
Master Hunter 3Track 10 different animal species using your binocularsMaster Hunter Bandolier
Master Hunter 4Get a clean kill after calling to an animal five times$10 + 50 Health XP
Master Hunter 5Skin three black bears or grizzly bears$10 + 50 Health XP
Master Hunter 6Kill five cougars with your bow and skin them$15 + 100 Health XP
Master Hunter 7Use a bait to lure and kill both an herbivore and predatorMaster Hunter Gun Belt
Master Hunter 8Catch three fish without using a fishing rod (aka use dynamite)$15 + 100 Health XP
Master Hunter 9Catch an opossum playing possum$20 + 150 Health XP
Master Hunter 10Track and kill a Legendary PantherMaster Hunter Holster


Sharpshooter 1Kill three flying birdsSharpshooter Bandolier
Sharpshooter 2Kill two different animal species in the same Dead Eye use$5 + 25 Dead Eye XP
Sharpshooter 3Kill five flying birds while moving on a trainSharpshooter Holster
Sharpshooter 4Kill an enemy at least 80 feet away with a throwing tomahawk$10 + 50 Dead Eye XP
Sharpshooter 5Kill six animals without switching or reloading your weapon$10 + 50 Dead Eye XP
Sharpshooter 6Kill someone at least 660 feet away with a long scoped rifle$15 + 100 Dead Eye XP
Sharpshooter 7Land seven headshots in a rowSharpshooter Off-Hand Holster
Sharpshooter 8Disarm three enemies without reloading or switching your weapon$15 + 100 Dead Eye XP
Sharpshooter 9Shoot three people's hats off in the same Dead Eye use$20 + 150 Dead Eye XP
Sharpshooter 10Kill three flying birds with three consecutive long scoped rifle shotsSharpshooter Gun Belt


Survivalist 1Catch a bluegillSurvivalist Gun Belt
Survivalist 2Hand five animals to the camp or trapper$5 + 25 Stamina
Survivalist 3Kill five animals using a Varmint rifleSurvivalist Off-Hand Holster
Survivalist 4Craft dynamite, fire, improved, poison, and small game arrows$10 + 50 Stamina
Survivalist 5Catch a fish in the Bayou from a riverboat and while standing on railroad tracks$10 + 50 Stamina
Survivalist 6Kill a scavenging animal while it is feeding on a corpse five times$15 + 100 Stamina
Survivalist 7Kill eight small game animals using small game arrowsSurvivalist Bandolier
Survivalist 8Craft a homing tomahawk, improved tomahawk, volatile dynamite, and volatile fire bottle$15 + 100 Stamina
Survivalist 9Catch a fish that weighs at least 19 pounds$20 + 150 Stamina
Survivalist 10Catch one of each type of fish in the worldSurvivalist Holster

Weapons Expert

Weapons Expert 1Kill three enemies with a knifeWeapons Expert Holster
Weapons Expert 2Kill three enemies in 10 seconds with throwing knives$5 + 25 Health XP
Weapons Expert 3Kill three birds of prey with a tomahawkWeapons Expert Gun Belt
Weapons Expert 4Kill 10 enemies with a shotgun loaded with crafted ammo$10 + 50 Health XP
Weapons Expert 5Kill five mounted enemies with one throwing knife per kill$10 + 50 Health XP
Weapons Expert 6Kill a group of four enemies with a single stick of dynamite$15 + 100 Health XP
Weapons Expert 7Kill four consecutive enemies by throwing and retrieving the same tomahawkWeapons Expert Off-Hand Holster
Weapons Expert 8Kill 15 enemies with a long-barreled sidearm$15 + 100 Health XP
Weapons Expert 9Kill nine unaware enemies with a bow$20 + 150 Health XP
Weapons Expert 10Kill a grizzly bear with throwing knives without taking damageWeapons Expert Bandolier

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