Red Dead Online Weekly Update Pays Out Triple The Gold

This week's update also includes bonuses for Collectors, Naturalists, and Bounty Hunters.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is paying out triple the gold in this week's Featured Showdown Series for Red Dead Online. A number of limited-time clothing items also make a return in the latest update, and there are bonuses for Collectors, Naturalists, and Bounty Hunters.

You can visit the abandoned freehold of Tumbleweed via this week's Featured Showdown Series to partake in Shootouts, Hostile Territory, and more. Doing so will reward you with triple the usual prize purse of RDO$ and gold.

If you're a Bounty Hunter you can grab an extra 50% on top of the usual sum for completing Free Roam Bounty Missions. Collectors, meanwhile, will receive an American Wildflower map and three chocolate daisies for completing the Lovers Collection this week, while Naturalists who have read the Vitalism Studies pamphlet and hoarded enough Harrietum Officinalis to transform into a wild buck or rabbit over the course of the next week will receive a reward for a free coat.

Fast travel is also free all week long, and anyone who jumps into Red Dead Online this week will receive five chocolate bars, five fine brandies, and a gold jointed bracelet.

If you peek inside the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue this week you'll find a number of limited-time clothing items, including the Tasman Outfit, Irwin coat, and hitched skirt. You can find the full list of items here.

As always, there are also various discounts on offer throughout Red Dead Online this week. There's 25% off all prestigious Bounty Hunter weapon variants, 30% off tonics at Harriet's Shop, 40% off the improved bow and all shotguns, and 50% off all barber services in Saint Denis, Blackwater, and Valentine.

Those who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming will receive a free Bounty Hunter License and an award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon livery. Connecting to Prime Gaming before February 15 will also net you offers for half off the LeMat revolver and a poncho of your choice, an offer for a free off-hand holster, plus 100 rounds each of high velocity and explosive revolver cartridges.

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