Red Dead Online Is Bringing Last Year's Halloween Pass Back Again

Halloween in Red Dead Online is coming with new missions, but no new cosmetics for this year's event.


After a year without much in the way of new content, Red Dead Online has confirmed it'll be running a Halloween event in 2022. Unfortunately the event won't include any new themed cosmetics, with Rockstar instead re-running last year's Halloween pass.

The new content for this Halloween includes a new Hardcore Telegram Mission, which is set to drop on October 18. Accessed through a Post Office or the Camp Lockbox, the new Hardcore mission comes from Ike Skelding, who has discovered a sinister cult practicing necromantic rituals. Completing this mission, or any of Skelding's other Hardcore Telegram Missions will reward players with triple Gold, RDO$, and XP until October 31.

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Rockstar is also bringing back its Halloween themed Call To Arms event for October, with new All Hallows locations rewarding triple RDO$ and XP. Features introduced in last year's All Hallows Call To Arms will be returning, including the Ghost Train and Night Stalker masks, with three new maps added to the mode--Heartland Oil Fields, Limpany, and the Saint Denis Graveyard. Players who participate in the All Hallows Call To Arms will unlock four free Gun Oil.

Though the new event won't be bringing any new cosmetics, last year's Halloween Pass 2 will be making a return, giving anyone who didn't collect the items last year a new chance to unlock them. Anyone who already purchased the Pass last year but didn't complete it will pick up where they left off, and everyone who unlocks all tiers of the pass (including those who did so last year) will get the Hired Gun Kit: a pack containing the Fierro Bandana, ammo and consumables, and 5 Gold Bars worth of Capitale.

Also returning are two Halloween-themed Featured Series: Fear of the Dark and Dead of the Night. Fear of the Dark sees players facing off against supernaturally strong Night Stalkers, with the option to collect the Night Stalkers' skull masks from across the battlefield in order to power up their own attacks. Dead of the Night pits four teams against each other as well as a horde of the dead, with players scoring points for taking out either PC or NPC enemies.

Dead of Night will be playable fromn October 4-10, and again from October 18-24, while Fear of the Dark will be active from October 11-17, and October 25-31.

Freebies and bonuses this month include a free community outfit, two Potent Health Cures per week for logging in, and login bonuses of 2 Potent Snake Oil, 3 pieces of Big Game Meat, and 25 Capitale for the week of Halloween. Players can also unlock the red mane and tail customization for free all month, as well as enjoying 50% off Haircuts, Dentistry, Makeup, and all hunting knife customizations.

The Manhunt bounty hunter event will be rewarding double Gold, RDO$, and XP throughout October, and you can also redeem double rewards on The Bluewater Contract and the Covington Emerald Blood Money Opportunity.


  • 25% off all Halloween Masks at Madame Nazar' shop
  • 35% off Split Point and Explosive Slug Ammo Pamphlets
  • 30% off Revolvers
  • 40% off American Paint Horses
  • 40% off the Howl emote
  • 50% off Throwing and Melee weapons
  • 50% off Shotgun Ammo
  • 50% off Candy and Chocolate

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