Red Dead Online Introduces Battle Royale Into RDR2

Make each shot count.


The beta for Red Dead Online is out, and it introduces several new multiplayer modes for players to try. One of the new additions, titled Make it Count, is Red Dead Redemption 2's take on a battle royale mode. If you're thinking of jumping into Red Dead Online, Kallie Plagge--who reviewed RDR2 and gave it a 9/10--wrote down her impressions of the beta.

There are two versions of Make it Count, both outlined on Rockstar's blog. The first is a battle royale where players are armed with only a bow and a handful of arrows, and each person needs to loot extra arrows from the enemies they kill. The second is the same concept, but players must rely on throwing knives instead. Like Fortnite and Black Ops 4's Blackout, in both versions of Make it Count, the safe area on the battlefield shrinks over time and forces the survivors closer together.

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In Red Dead Online, players can form their own posse, build a camp, and team up in story-based co-op missions. Like GTA Online, there's free roam as well, where players can complete challenges, fish, or simply explore. Rockstar describes Red Dead Online as a "continually expanding experience" and plans to continue updating the beta and implement further additions going forward.

Red Dead Online is available for Xbox One and PS4.

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