Red Dead Online Bonuses--Get Extra XP In Bounty Hunts And Showdown Mode Right Now

Here's how to boost your XP in Red Dead Online this week.


Red Dead Online, the online component of Red Dead Redemption 2, is currently offering XP bonuses on certain activities. To really help you earn that extra XP, there are also discounts running on certain in-game products. Rockstar has announced bonuses that will be in effect until February 24.

First up, all Bounty Missions, including the ten Legendary Bounties that are available and Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events that pop up, will now give an extra 50% Role XP. This means that you can level up a bit faster while hunting down bounties across the game world.

Similarly, if you compete in Showdown Mode during this period, you'll also receive a 50% XP boost. This week's featured series is Gun Rush: Teams, which is Red Dead Online's sort-of battle royale mode. Races have also received the same XP boost, if you want to test your mettle on horseback.

Meanwhile, the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue features discounts on many items that you'll need to be an effective bounty hunter. The bounty hunting-specific variants of the Schofield Revolver and Bolt-Action Rifle, along with the LeMat Revolver and Repeating Shotgun, are all discounted by 30%. The Reinforced Lasso has received the same discount, which makes it easier to bring your bounties in alive and make more money.

In addition, if you're on PlayStation 4 and have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can pick up three Moonshiner Mash Refills and three Trader Resupplies for free.

A recent update added the Lovers Collection reward, if you can track down Madam Nazar and claim it. Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser is set to leave the company in March, but it's business as usual for the online Wild West.

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