Red Dead Online: Blood Money Arrives July 13, Adds DLSS And New Mission Types

A new mission type, Crimes, will help you earn influence with a brutal gang boss, and open up Opportunities to further the story of his war with a local politician.


Rockstar has outlined more details about its Red Dead Online: Blood Money update coming tomorrow and you can watch a new trailer showing off a heist. The free update will drop on July 13, bringing new mission types, more cosmetic rewards, and a big update for GeForce RTX users, who will receive DLSS support for RDO and Red Dead Redemption 2. [Update: The Blood Money update is out now.]

According to the Rockstar blog, Blood Money revolves around the riches of Angelo Bronte. Bronte's lieutenant Guido Martelli is seeking gunslingers to recover Capitale, a special currency Bronte devised for use on the black market. It's gotten spread out among various criminal factions throughout the West, and Bronte wants it all back.

To recover the riches, you can take on a new type of mission called Crimes. Those include all sorts of nefarious deeds like kidnapping, shakedowns, and holdups. Those Crimes will net you regular rewards, but you can also scour hidden chests or dead bodies for Capitale. You may also hear about caches of Capitale when roaming around the open world. Collecting enough Capitale for the bosses will open new Opportunities, specialized missions to disrupt a politician causing problems for Bronte. The first one will open on July 13, and two more will come in the future.

The free update adds some goodies outside of the story content as well. The Quick Draw Club will let you show off your skills and earn special rewards, including gold bars and Dutch's outfit, the Redcliff. Rockstar will also be adding new outfits to the shop over the coming weeks and months, including ones modeled after Marston and Arthur. A few Skill and Satchel pamphlets that were previously exclusive to the Outlaw Pass, like the ability to fast travel from a wilderness camp, will be placed on sale at the general store.

Finally, the July 13 update will add Nvidia DLSS support for PC players with compatible GeForce RTX cards. That will allow you to enjoy improved frame rates without a major sacrifice of image quality.

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