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Red Dead 2 Trapper Guide: Locations And Where To Sell Animal Pelts For Cash

Living off the land.


One of the first things you learn in Red Dead Redemption 2 is how to hunt. It's a survival skill that can help you sustain your cores while out in the wild, and it's a reliable source of cash if you're able to quickly gather and turn around animal pelts--the better the condition, the more valuable, of course.

While it can take time to spot high-quality animals and even longer to learn how to hunt them efficiently, without making a mess of their pelt, the hardest piece of the puzzle to figure out early on is where to go to sell fur for cash once it's in your hands. You need a trapper, and we've got an easy-to-follow guide that shows you exactly where Read Dead 2's wandering Trapper can be found; five locations in all.

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Saint Denis

The main location is in Saint Denis, the bustling city to the south. You can go there at any point after the game sets you free. The trapper is located within a busy market, under the giant brick wall painted red with an advertisement for biscuits. This is this only trapper location within a town or city; the rest are scattered throughout the wilderness.

Roanoke Ridge Woods, New Hanover

Tucked away in the woods, around the northeast quadrant of the map, lies a shady outpost for our industrious trapper.

Big Valley (East), West Elizabeth

Slightly Northeast from the nearby Riggs Station lies our man, setup in the middle of a small clearing.

Big Valley (North), West Elizabeth

With lots of great hunting opportunities nearby, the convenience of the trapper's spot in the northwest corner of the map is worth taking advantage of.

Endgame Trapper

We don't want to get into too many specifics here, but know that this trapper spot won't be available until the final chapter in the game.

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