Red Dead 2 Online The Naturalist Update Turns You Into A Zoologist Or Wildlife Hunter

The free Red Dead 2 Online update introduces new Legendary Animals, extra Dynamic Events, and more.


Developer Rockstar Studios has announced that Red Dead 2 Online's new update is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Titled The Naturalist, the free update adds new Legendary Animals, Dynamic Events, gameplay improvements, and more.

The update's headlining feature is a series of new missions for you to pursue as The Naturalist. Part of the Frontier Pursuits--Red Dead 2 Online's version of class selection where you take on a specific role within the game world--The Naturalist role lets you fulfill one of two kinds of dreams: a zoologist or a wildlife hunter. There are two new mission givers--conservationist Harriet Davenport and retired big game hunter Gus MacMillan--who will help you develop new skills as someone who studies animals and their environments or hone your trigger finger while stalking prey for their hides. Contributing to either person's cause will net you a variety of rewards, from animal outfits to sedative concoctions, but playing both sides won't work here.

In order to begin your Naturalist role, you'll start at Strawberry Town's Welcome Center, where you'll meet Harriet and Gus. It's here where you decide which path as a Naturalist you take: that of a conservationist, which requires you to collect samples for Harriet without killing any animals; or that of a poacher, which tasks you with killing animals and bringing their hides to Gus for unique garments.

The Naturalist role also introduces new attachments and weapons, including the Naturalist Varmint Rifle, Improved Bow and Bow Grips, the Elephant Rifle, and more. There is also an Advanced Camera that allows for increased mobility and movement while crouching, viewfinder enhancements, and an added set of camera features with intensity-adjustable filters and more. These camera enhancements will allow you to hunt or observe the newly added Legendary Animals, such as boars, beavers, bison, cougars, elk, foxes, and wolves.

Elsewhere in the update are new Dynamic and Free-Roam Events, which can be between two to 12 players and provide all kinds of rewards upon completion. The update also comes with some notable gameplay improvements, such as asynchronous matchmaking for shortened load times, enhanced wardrobe systems to better style your created character, updated Daily Challenges and Daily Challenge Rewards, an improved threat indicator, and more.

PS4 owners will receive free gifts and early access to the following bonus items:

Free Gifts

  • 10x Tranquilizer Ammo
  • 5x Animal Revive Tonics
  • 5x Blending Tonics

Early Access Bonuses

  • Woodcote Poncho
  • The Legendary Ram
  • The Megafauna Fossil Collection set

Additionally, those who connect their Twitch Prime accounts to the Rockstar Games Social Club and claim the subsequent Twitch Prime benefits will get two Legendary Animal coats--the Katata Coat and the Icahi Coat-- at no extra charge.

Finally, there's a new Outlaw Pass that comes with new items to unlock across 80 Ranks of progression. These include cash, unique outfits, weapon modifications, and more, all available until October 19.

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