Red Dead 2 Online: Details, Beta Launch Date, Ultimate Edition Early Access

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Now Playing: Red Dead Online Beta Is Live Now For Some Players - GS News Update

Red Dead Online is now available following the release of an update, although only Ultimate edition owners can access it for the time being. Even if you are supposed to be in, things may not be going smoothly--the game isn't working for some, and Xbox One users specifically may not have been properly granted access. Whenever you do get in, you can read all about what to expect below.

Red Dead Redemption 2's online beta will be available on PS4 and Xbox One from November 27, developer Rockstar Games has announced. As detailed on its website, Rockstar plans to roll out access to the Read Dead Online gradually over the coming week, starting with owners of Red Dead Redemption 2's Ultimate Edition on November 27 and building up to full public access by November 30.

On November 27, anyone that owns Red Dead Redemption 2's Ultimate Edition will be able to access the beta from 8:30 AM ET / 5:30 AM PST / 1:30 PM GMT / 12:30 AM AEDT (November 28). Those that played Red Dead Redemption 2 on its launch day--based on Rockstar's own data--will be given access to the beta from November 28. If you played the game at any point between launch and October 29, you'll be able to jump into the beta from November 29. Finally, everyone else that owns the game can check out the beta from November 30. This gradual rollout, Rockstar says, will help it "ease into the beta and to mitigate major issues."

According to Rockstar, Red Dead Online "blends the classic multiplayer of the original Red Dead Redemption with the best of everything we have learned since then about creating deep multiplayer experiences." The result, it adds, is "something completely new and fun, and an experience that will continue to expand and evolve over time."

Rockstar continues: "With the gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 as its foundation, Red Dead Online transforms the vast and deeply detailed landscapes, cities, towns and habitats of Red Dead Redemption 2 into a new, living online world ready to be shared by multiple players."

Red Dead Online will allow players to create their own characters and select abilities that are in line with their playstyle. From there, players can choose to venture out into the online world alone or with a Posse of up to seven other players.

Players will be able to engage in a variety of activities in Red Dead Online. They can hang out with their friends around the campfire, do some hunting or fishing, kill a few hours in towns brimming with life, trade steel with rival gangs or plot ambushes of their hideouts. Treasure scattered around the world is available to be found, and there's also familiar characters waiting with missions for you to undertake. For those that don't want to be directed to do things, you can start spontaneous skirmishes with either other players, or entire Posses in open world challenges." And Rockstar says there's still more to be discovered beyond that.

The beta launch of Red Dead Online is described as "the first step in what will be a continually expanding and dynamic world." Rockstar notes that the beta period will be used to address the "inevitable turbulence of launching any online experience of this size and scale" and it intends to lean on its community to help it report problems, share ideas, and "assist in shaping the future of the full Online experience."

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been getting a lot of play among the GameSpot team. If we aren't putting together guides or getting up to no good as Dirty Arty--the meanest, most uncleanist outlaw in the wild west--we're thinking about what we'd like to see in the game. With that in mind, we've put together a Red Dead Online wishlist with some of our most wanted features.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been a big success for Rockstar and parent publisher Take-Two. Just over a week after its launched it was announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 had passed 17 million copies shipped worldwide. That means it needed had already passed the lifetime shipment figure of the 2010 original, Red Dead Redemption. Take-Two said that Red Dead Redemption 2 shipped more units over its first eight days than the 2010 title shipped in its first eight years. Given the ongoing popularity of Grand Theft Auto V's Online mode--which contributes to continuing strong sales of the game--we expect Red Dead Redemption 2 also has a healthy future ahead of itself.

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Have the Ultimate Edition for Xbox, have an Xbox One X. With the beta update, I got it to launch once, HDR wasn't working right and looked washed out.

Avatar image for oKiRe

Not working on Xbox One :(

Avatar image for goingpewpew

The game is really good for the first 20 - 30 hours. As the story progresses it becomes ilogical but still enjoyable.

I personally can't wait for the MP. I hope friendly fire is on and that I can good around with my friends. Since I'm mainly a PC player I don't care how I will perform, because I'm bad with a gamepad. I just want to have fun and the world that Rockstar built has the potential.

Avatar image for Daveof89

Rockstar had a missed opportunity of using rascal flatts “me and my gang” in the soundtrack. Would’ve fit perfectly.

Avatar image for Terrorantula

Every single person I know thought the game sucked, cannot believe it got such amazing reviews. This always happens though, hype leaves to great reviews, then 3 months later everyone is slagging it off on Podcasts, we already have Dan from Giantbomb saying it sucks.

As soon as I saw Marston at the start, realising it was a prequel, I was straight away disinterested in the story. Since Arthur isn't in the first game, it's pretty obvious you die at the end, and you know most of the other characters die or get killed in the first game. What is the point then? You have an open world game with a boring dated linear story you have no impact on.

Avatar image for Argle

@Terrorantula: Of all the things to fault it for, you chose the story? The story is the best part. There doesn't need to be some mind blowing twist at the end, it's a tragedy, watching it play out was 10/10 fantastic. Now the gameplay aspect, is something else entirely. RDR2s gameplay, by itself, is not nearly as fantastic. In fact you could argue it is, at best, 'meh'. Strictly on a gameplay perspective, RDR2 can't even come close to competing with other big 2018 titles (God of War, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter).

Avatar image for smouche_mole

@Terrorantula: Big problem with today’s culture: “Every single person I know thought the game sucked. . .”

Despite it being nearly impossible that every single person you know knows about this game and played it. . . Everyone YOU know supposedly thinks it sucks therefore everyone thinks the same?

Get Big, lil boy

Avatar image for dmblum1799


It helps to have an attention span beyond that of the average young person to really appreciate this game.

Avatar image for mistervulpes


Probably some of the best writing and acting in a game and set a benchmark for the industry. We always get the “it’s cool to hate on this and be different crowd”

Same happened with people saying

“Derp Wild Hunt is one of the worst games ever made”

Curious to know what games you think have a good story?

RDR2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played, faults and all.

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@Terrorantula: It sucks? It's one of the best games I've played in recent years.

Avatar image for kgsg-19-2

Mp beta post post launch, good reason why I didn't buy it. Now it's starting w/ the ultimate edition people only instead of everyone who bought it, just makes me want to get it even less now. Mp better be something great, but I have my doubts.

Avatar image for mistervulpes


If you know anything about the launch of GTA Online, you know this is a smart move.

The incremental adding of players makes sense. The means to do it are just as good as any other. It’s a matter of days, not weeks. Deal with it.

Avatar image for kgsg-19-2

@mistervulpes: I don't know the launch of gtao, but I don't understand how it's any different from any other big game mp launches. I understand incrementally adding and it does make sense, but they should've better planned for that, and just kind of had mp ready for launch. Also, no need to be a jerk, you don't even seem to understand my point in the first place. Sorry for wanting something different and better.

Avatar image for mistervulpes

@kgsg-19-2: it can’t be ‘ready’and finished without proper stress testing.

The way to do that is to open the current build to the public, not testers, because you have to actually simulate how many people will actually play it.

Only way to do that is to actually do it.

And then the best way to do that and get the desired results and data, is to add people incrementally and look at the data after adding each group.

This will make for a smoother experience in the long run. If you can think of a better way to implement that incremental addition of players, please share.

I’m not being a jerk, you just don’t seem to know what you’re talking about.

‘I just want something better and finished’

Ok, well what they’re doing now ‘will’ make it better. A lot better.

‘Finished’ is contrary to that first point. With new server providers and an initial player count of one of the biggest games of the decade, if they’d released immediately at would’ve also immediately broken...and then gone offline for extended periods of time...repeatedly.

Stop being a flannel. There are things to actually take a stand against as a consumer. This isn’t one of them.

Now if you had issue with the very fishy P2W foundations R* seem to be laying...then I’d have a hard time disagreeing.

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Aw yiss

Avatar image for masscrack

my overrated game of the year, perhaps decade.

Avatar image for Baconstrip78

@masscrack: Your opinion is bad.

Avatar image for jgarbuz

@masscrack: A little bit. Eight years of development they could have made it a bit more finished. I think I liked the first one better, but this is still a 9/10 because it is beautiful and long. I'm only 70% through the game.

Avatar image for masscrack

@jgarbuz: Thanks I didn't say the game was bad, it's actually pretty good but it's just not the greatest game of all time like people are touting it to be.

Avatar image for jyml8582

Will be heading online tomorrow, who's with me?

Avatar image for mistervulpes

Can’t wait to yell at my posse and contribute nothing to camp.

Dutch roleplay confirmed!

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@mistervulpes: GUYS GUYS... I HAVE A PLAN!

Avatar image for mistervulpes


Oh you insist you have a plan...

...He insists upon it....


Avatar image for fasjab


Will you all please have some faith?!

Avatar image for el_swanno


I implores you to have some faith!

Avatar image for mistervulpes


What about Loyalty?

Avatar image for NorseLax09

I hope they implement cross play at some point. It's a long shot, but it would be great to gang up with friends on other consoles.

Avatar image for p0tent

@NorseLax09: Sony is the problem in that area.

Avatar image for Cassius103

Got the Deadwood movie out next year as well. Going to go western crazy! (In a good way.)

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

Ffs I was going to put it down for a bit and finish assains creed next week.....

Avatar image for twashington8

@rodoxthedark: I just picked up AC to start after hitting 70% lol...ah well stuck in the desert a bit longer I guess

Avatar image for videogameninja

Wonder if it will have the same “legs” as GTA 5.

There is no doubt in my mind that part of the reason GTA 5 is still creeping its way onto the overall sales charts is due to its online component.

I know Red Dead doesn’t bring in the same kind of numbers as the former but Rockstar can really capitalize off of the crazy success they had just a month ago.


Avatar image for yangwenli1

@videogameninja: if Rockstar implements fun events like undead nightmare 2 and cowboys vs aliens, I can see red dead online being a smash hit.

Avatar image for turretx7

No br?

Avatar image for mistervulpes


It’s rumoured there is actually.

Avatar image for sephirothswing

@mistervulpes: well its only 32 players, a BR should consist of 50 MINIMUM in all honesty

Avatar image for Uncle_Rell

We are all going to have some stupid fun online!