Red Dead 2 Online Adds Halloween Masks And More

Bounty hunters can hide their identities behind a smattering of spooky masks.


Another week means more Red Dead Redemption 2 Online content is on the way. With Halloween around the corner, RDO players can earn a smattering of items like masks, embark on a new legendary bounty, and more.

For this week's legendary bounty, Red Dead Online players can journey up to the swamps of Lagras to apprehend or kill Philip Carlier. The middle-aged fugitive is extremely volatile, so proceed with caution. Carlier is wanted dead or alive, and revisiting the Bounty board lets you replay the mission at a higher difficulty.

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RDO players looking to channel their Halloween spirit can head to Madam Nazar to pick up some limited-time masks. And those in any of the three Specialist roles get a free one: Bounty Hunters get an exclusive Creature Mask variant, Traders get an exclusive Swine Mask, and Collectors get an exclusive Masquerade Mask. These masks for any of the Specialists are free of charge. Further, Outlaw Pass Club Rank 10 owners are rewarded an exclusive Freak Mask variation, while those Rank 20 will receive the Freak Mask and an exclusive Horror Mask variation. Check a few of them out below.

Owners of both Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 can still get their hands on the Slaughter Mask just by playing GTA Online.

Also this week for RDO, the Free Aim Series has a new mode: Make It Count. This battle royale-like mode pairs players down to a bow and arrow or throwing knives to fight against enemies in a gradually-shrinking arena until one is left standing.

There are plenty of opportunities to gain extra experience in RDO this week as well. You will earn an additional 2,000 Club experience points and a 30 percent experience booster towards progress in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club, and The Outlaw Pass by doing a variety of activities. These include all A Land of Opportunities and Free Roam missions, a range of Series game modes such as Elimination and Takeover, and more.

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