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Red Cross Challenges Gamers To Play Shooters Using Real-Life Rules Of War

Can you play by the real rules of war?


The Red Cross is challenging gamers to play FPS games by real rules of war that are meant to "protect the humanity and dignity of people all over the world."

The organization is seeking to remind players that video games are often set in "conflict zones," and right now, "armed conflicts are more prevalent than ever." These real-world conflicts affect those who live in the surrounding area by destroying their lives and leaving "communities devastated."

Listed below are the rules the Red Cross is challenging players to abide by:

  • No Thirsting - When an enemy is down, you can't keep shooting at them
  • No Targeting Non-Violent NPCs - You can't fire at bots who are friendly toward you.
  • No Targeting Civilian Buildings - Fighting can't be done in houses, schools, or hospitals. But if you have no choice but to fight, you must avoid damaging the area.
  • Use Med Kits On Everyone - If you have a med kit, you must use it on others.

The only two games participating in this event are Arma 3 and Fortnite. If you're interested in the challenge and want to see more events like this, visit the ICRC website and fill out the form.

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