Red Alert 2: GameSpot vs. the world wrap-up

The results from the final match between GameSpot editors and readers are in. See the lucky winners inside.


Every Friday in February, GameSpot editors faced off against a number of challengers in Westwood's popular real-time strategy game, Command & Conquer Red Alert 2. The players who managed to beat us won one of several randomly selected prizes, ranging from T-shirts and mouse pads to digital cameras and portable MP3 players.

Last Friday, February 26, we took part in several four-player free-for-all matches. When the dust settled, four players had emerged victorious. Here are their Westwood Online nicknames, followed by the random prize they won.

icebeam17 - RA2 prize pack
AeGisAIrt - T-shirt/mouse pad set
BadDragon - Pewter set/mouse pad set
freddy59 - RA2 elite prize pack

Congratulations to the winners of the final Red Alert 2: GameSpot vs. the world, and congratulations to the winners of the previous matches. We'd also like to thank all those who logged on to Westwood Online these past Fridays for a chance to play against our editors.

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