Recent Humble Bundle 3DS Game Pulled From eShop After Exploit Discovered

The 3DS RPG was part of a recent Humble Bundle, just before the exploit was discovered.


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Another game has been removed from the 3DS eShop because of the discovery of an exploit that lets you run homebrewed and unsolicited software. This time it's the Earthbound-like Citizens of Earth, which was included in the recent Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle.

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Those who bought the bundle and have not redeemed the Citizens of Earth code should still be able to get the game without problem, according to NintendoEverything. We've verified that this process still works, but if you wish to purchase it from the eShop directly, you'll have to wait until it reappears on the store.

We've contacted developer Eden Industries and Nintendo and will update this article as we receive more information on when the game will return to the 3DS eShop.

Citizens of Earth is still available for purchase on the Wii U, PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened. Platformer VVVVVV was removed earlier this month for the same reason, while Ironfall Invasion went through this last year but has since returned to the eShop.

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