Rebel Trucker goes gold

Global Star Software announces that its action-packed truck driving game for the PC has gone gold. New screens inside.


Global Star Software has today announced that Rebel Trucker has gone gold. The game, which was developed by 3 Romans, will see players assuming the role of a trucker attempting to haul contraband for members of the Louisiana underworld.

Rebel Trucker will feature more than 100 miles of real city roads and highways to explore, complete with recognizable New Orleans landmarks such as the Super Dome and the French Quarter. As they progress through the game's five missions, players will have to deal with local police, the Feds, and numerous other hazards. In addition to the story-driven gameplay mode, the game will feature an open-ended commercial trucker mode.

Rebel Trucker is currently scheduled for release in North America later this month. For more information, visit the official Web site, or check out our playable demo of the game.

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