Real World Golf tees off in September

New golf sim for PS2 and PC leaves controllers in the clubhouse in favor of real clubs and motion-tracking technology.


Real World Golf

As fall quickly approaches, golfers around the country are trying to take advantage of the temperate conditions and play as many rounds of 18 as they can before soggy, cloudy weather drapes the links. As old man winter settles in, old men settle indoors, losing their swings and inevitably watching their handicaps skyrocket the next season.

In2Games thinks it may have the solution to the wintertime blues of missing the summertime greens. The company will be releasing Real World Golf on the PlayStation 2 and PC in the US later this year.

Other conventional golf games use a controller's analog stick to simulate a golf stroke, rocking the joystick back and pushing it forward for follow-through. Real World Golf uses a motion-tracking system, GameTrak, to allow users to swing real clubs and authentically reproduce their swing and its effects in-game and in real time. For those with petite domiciles, Real World Golf comes with "mini-clubs" to keep vases and other fragile items intact.

In addition to its unique swing mechanic, Real World Golf offers five courses, a driving range, multiplayer support for up to four players, and onscreen tutorials with a golf pro. There are also minigames such as darts, through-the-hoops, and car smashing.

For more information on the game, check out the game's official Web site.

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