"Real War is Not a Game" Charity Partners With War Game About Innocent Civilians

This War of Mine partners with War Child charity.

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In March, 11 Bit Studios announced This War of Mine, an atypical war game that puts players in the role if innocent civilians caught in the crossfire as opposed to empowering them as capable soldiers. Late last week, 11 Bit Studios announced that it's partnering with War Child, a charity organization that's trying to help people in that situation in the real world.

"Our campaign Real War is Not a Game is intended to make sure that even whilst children in safer countries play games that involve war and conflict, they will be able to understand more about the realities of war facing children in other places," War Child CEO Rob Williams said on the organization's website. "We do not aim to stop all games involving conflict. Rather we want to use the power of these games to educate huge numbers of people about the realities of war, and to mobilise them to use their energy and creativity to support children who are stuck in a real conflict zones."

World of Tanks developer Wargaming.net is also a headline partner in the campaign.

11 Bit Studios CEO Grzegorz Miechowski said that the partnership will help This War of Mine reach more people and raise money for War Child.

11 Bit Studios describes This War of Mine as a "dark survival game" where you control a group of civilians who are trying to stay alive in a city besieged by war. For more on the game, check out our impressions and interview with 11 Bit Studios' Pawel Miechowski.

To find out more about War Child head over to the charity's website.

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