Real Estate Company Says GTA 6 Should Be Set In Portland, Oregon

Movoto says Portland has the personality and intrigue (and 637 coffee shops) necessary for a great GTA game.

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Real estate company Movoto has an idea for where the next Grand Theft Auto should take place: Portland, Oregon. The company says today in a blog post that the city would be ideal for Grand Theft Auto VI and even created a mock-up map that shows what the layout could look like.

Movoto says Rockstar should consider Portland because of its many gun stores and strip clubs, which actually outnumber those found in Grand Theft Auto V's fictional Los Santos. Another staple of GTA games is the police force. In this category, Los Santos has 12 twelve stations, compared to only six in Portland.

Image credit: Movoto
Image credit: Movoto

However, "of all the categories to be lower, this is probably the one you all care least about, right?," Movoto says.

Another compelling factor for Portland is that it has a style all its own, Movoto says. If you've even been there or watched Portlandia, you'd probably agree.

"You need that local city smell," the company writes about Portland. "That special flavor that makes each GTA a little bit better and a little more distinct than the last. For Portland, we felt it was oh-so appropriate to include bike shops and coffee shops (we almost included sweater shops, but that seemed a step too far)."

If Rockstar chose Portland for GTA VI, it would have the opportunity to satirize the hipster scene, too, Movoto says, as the city has an incredible 637 coffee shops within its limits.

"All those coffee shops are just waiting for some local drug kingpin to come take them over and use them as a front for a blue-colored meth operation," Movoto says.

GTA V has sold more than 30 million copies, basically ensuring a sequel is created. While Rockstar has not yet announced such a game, it has said that it has "some ideas" for what it could do with GTA VI.

We have reached out to Rockstar to see if they have any comment on Movoto's suggestion that the next GTA should be set in Portland.

Past GTA games have been set in creative adaptations of places like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and London. Where would you like the series to go next? Let us know in the comments below!

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