Ready Player Two Is Even Weirder Than You Might Expect

The sequel to the hit novel contains even more references to things from your childhood.


Ernest Cline's novel Ready Player One was a massive hit among many readers who love to reminisce about their formative years during the '80s and '90s. Cline's first novel was filled with nods to classic movies, TV shows, and videos games, and it garnered enough attention from Hollywood to be made into a feature film. Now, the novel's sequel--Ready Player Two--is out, and someone is reading through it all and posting all the weirdest excerpts on Twitter.

User Jacob Mercy has been reading Ready Player Two and posting caps of some of his favorite moments so far. Many of the screencaps from the book are unbelievable. However, GameSpot has confirmed that the below sections are in fact from Cline's new book.

Mercy's thread kicks off with a few short paragraphs that make reference to the movies The Matrix and eXistenZ, followed by a reference to the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and the song "867-5309 Jenny" by Tommy TuTone. This is really par for the course for the book series.

The next selection comes from a moment when Wade's OASIS avatar can actually taste and feel fruit, thanks to a new ONI headset--a brand-new piece of tech that the prologue explains heavily.

From here, though, things get a little bit stranger. Wade becomes a bit of a stalker, as he spends time searching ONI-net for any clips where his former girlfriend Art3mis--or Samantha Cook--is tagged. He would then input himself into that scene just to experience being near her again. Wade then jumped right into this.

If you are wondering where it goes from there, Wade discusses first person experiences in Oni--which lead to consequence-free drug use and sex--and then Wade decides if he wants to play guitar in real life, where his teacher is a hologram of Eddie Van Halen.

Mercy's thread is long and ongoing right now, so if you're looking for more from Ready Player Two but don't plan on reading it, make sure to keep checking in with his Twitter.

Ready Player Two is currently available digitally and in hardcover. An audiobook version is also available now.

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