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Ready Player One's SXSW Movie Premiere Plagued By Technical Difficulties

This would never happen in The Oasis.


When you're watching a movie like Ready Player One, which centers on technology and the massive role it plays in the future, it's almost poetic that that very same tech would attempt to ruin your screening. At least, it's poetic until it's happening to you.

During the premiere screening of Ready Player One at the SXSW Film Festival, the movie stopped playing twice due to technical difficulties. While that happening during just about any movie is bad news, the premiere of a new Spielberg movie--with the director himself in the room watching--is downright disastrous.

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According to Variety, at an hour and 20 minutes into the film, the sound cut out during a major scene. The audience, of course, reacted with boos while the theater's projectionist restarted the film. Just in case you weren't already aware that humans are at the mercy of computers, the sound cut out yet again.

Thankfully, the movie played successfully on the third try to send the audience home happy. After the screening, while speaking to the crowd, Spielberg jokes, "This is perhaps the greatest anxiety attack I've ever had." Who can blame him?

As for the movie itself, the first reactions to Ready Player One are promising. Many critics are praising just how fun a world the movie builds. The rest of the world will find out whether they agree when the film opens in theaters on March 29--hopefully without all of the technical difficulties.

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