Ready Player One Writers Reveal The Easter Egg They Couldn't Include

This is one obscure reference that would have been fun to see.


There's no question that there are more references stuffed into Ready Player One than fans of the movie will be able to spot in a single viewing. Practically every frame of the film is an Easter egg gold mine. However, that doesn't mean the film's writers were able to fit in everything they wanted--or were even able to obtain the rights to it all.

So what didn't make the film? That's exactly what GameSpot asked screenwriters Zak Penn and Ernest Cline--who also wrote the novel Ready Player One is based on. While they both admit having characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars universe showing up would have been cool, Penn says, "You were just going to see a costume of that. You weren't going to see the real characters."

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That said, Cline does remember one thing they tried to include but couldn't get the rights to. "Zak and I are both big fans of the David Lynch adaptation of Dune and we wanted to have one of the characters, i-R0k (TJ Miller), fire a Weirding Module at one point and we couldn't get that," he reveals.

For those who haven't seen Dune or simply don't remember it, the Weirding Module is a weapon that amplifies your voice into a sonic beam that can destroy just about anything. Ir certainly would have done some serious damage in the Oasis, had i-R0k gotten his hands on it.

Still, even though they were unable to include the Weirding Module, Penn assures fans that there is a nod to the film in there for those paying close enough attention. "There is a reference to [Lynch's] version of Dune," he teases. "[Parzival] talks about the Harkonnen Drop-Ship."

That mention joins dozens--possibly hundreds--of other obscure pop culture references that make Ready Player One such a unique film. Good luck catching them all. Ready Player One is now playing.

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