Ready for Breath of Fire III

Capcom's PlayStation RPG comes stateside in January, but check out our movie clips today.


Included on the Japanese demo disc for Resident Evil 2 (which will come packaged with Resident Evil Director's Cut) will be a trailer for Breath of Fire III, Capcom's latest role-playing game.

The game has been long in coming, but from what's shown in this clip it will be sure to excite RPG fans everywhere. The game includes a dragon gene combination system, in which you combine dragon abilities to create powerful attacks that are devastating to the enemy.

The game will be released in Japan on September 11, but US fans will have to wait until January to play it. Probably good because many people will be busy playing Final Fantasy VII this year.

Check out these three movie clips from the trailer and stay tuned for more information on Breath of Fire III.

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