Ready at Dawn licenses Daxter engine

Developer of PSP platformer confirms that its engine will show up in other companies' titles as well as its own upcoming project.



When the 3D platformer Daxter saw release on the PSP, it earned high marks for its visual prowess and gameplay that retained much of the appeal of the game's PlayStation 2 parent series, Jak and Daxter. Now the engine that powered Daxter has been licensed to other companies, Ready at Dawn president and cofounder Didier Malenfant has confirmed for GameSpot. However, exactly how many companies are working with the Daxter engine is unclear at the moment.

"Unfortunately the list of our licensees is confidential and it will be up to them to announce their titles when they see fit," Malenfant said.

Ready at Dawn isn't about to abandon the engine it built, as Malenfant said the developers will use it for their next title. That doesn't necessarily mean the studio's next game will be more of the same, as the engine is supposedly quite versatile.

"The engine could be used to do a wide variety of third and first person games," Malenfant noted, "and it would actually produce quite awesome racing games too."

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