RE4 chain-saw controller buzzing February 28

Nuby Tech cuts its GameCube peripheral a release date; Resident Evil 4-inspired controller emits chain-saw roar.


Resident Evil 4
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more screens (2)

Nuby Tech, manufacturer of game-themed controllers, today announced a release date for its Resident Evil 4 GameCube controller. Originally slated for a January 11 release to coincide with the game's launch, the controller will now ship February 28.

Shaped in the form of a chain saw, the controller pays homage to one of the horror franchise's popular new enemies, the chain-saw-wielding villagers in RE4 who often lop off Leon Kennedy's head in one fell swoop. The controller is splattered with simulated blood and emits a chain-saw roar courtesy of the internal soundboard.

The controller, which is rated M for Mature, will retail for $49.99.

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